Model is a brand specializing in premium custom clothing.
We distinguish our offer with high-end personalisation to create truly unique products.
Our passion is making clothing that best-reflects the individuality of the wearer.

For centuries, coats of arms and lettering identified people for their qualities, values, and achievements.

Since then, however, branding your clothes with own monograms became seen as ostentatious. Now, people prefer wearing someone else’s name instead.

At Model, we’re bringing back classical clothing ideals. We believe clothing to be the expression of our tastes, manners and desires.

It’s not about fashion, it’s about who we are

Each Model product is a unique creation driven by
quality and passion. From the finest organic fabrics,
pioneering printing tech and research into historic
symbolism to the insertion of your own initials.

Model’s handcrafted garments elevate your authenticity
with their confident style and traditional esteem.

Designed in the UK, made with care in Italy 

Create your style in 3 easy steps:
✔️ Choose your logo
✔️ Write your initials
✔️ Select the motto

Model Your Own