At Model, we champion a range of sustainable practices in the areas our business is best placed to limit the environmental impact wherever possible.

Organic cotton


Sustainable Materials
Our garments are made from 100% ethically sourced and manufactured fabrics, achieving a perfect balance of functionality and durability.

Using organic cotton made from totally renewable and biodegradable natural plant fibers, we ensure the quality not only of our clothing but of our environmental conduct.

Sustainable etchs

Ethical Suppliers
We ensures that we work exclusively with suppliers who follow strict ethical standards in every step of their process.

In return, we support the continual improvement of worker conditions and the development of independent farms by using less surface water and chemical-free approaches that run off rain-fed water and natural elements.

recycable packaging

Recyclable Packaging
We are aware about the sheer amount of plastic packaging needlessly produced each day that goes into the landfill.

We are proud to use recyclable packaging as part of our aim to reduce carbon dioxide emissions, keeping Model a plastic-free and ocean-friendly apparel brand.

Sustainable initiatives

Inspiring Initiatives
Model celebrates the efforts of countless collectives around the world in preserving the planet we walk upon. We show our support of these environmental initiatives by donating a portion of profits to an ever-changing selection of charities and causes.

If you are doing something to change the world, let us know and your cause may well become Model’s newest partnered initiative.